Wine as an Aphrodisiac

The use of alcoholic beverages, in moderation of course, is one of the most ancient forms of libido stimulation and is still one of the most widely used aphrodisiacs world wide – Wine is one of them.  As a wine lover myself, I have taken particular interest in this topic and thought my wine loving readers might enjoy it too.  

Beyond just being an evening ritual or something to do at social events, wine, when used in moderation and with conscious consideration, can become part of an amazingly erotic experience – enhancing a romantic interlude by relaxing our bodies and our minds.

Wine reduces anxiety, lowers inhibitions, and is useful in getting over the potential awkwardness or shyness of talking to new people.

In the bedroom, it can help a nervous lover have the freedom to express his or her sexual feelings and is known to increase testosterone in men.

Wine adds an instant sensual / sex appeal to social events or personal meals or encounters.  It is considered both a sophisticated and elegant beverage, and gives the impression of being more refined than a person kicking back with a beer.

Wine is sensual.  Next time you enjoy a glass of your favorite vino, take a moment and examine the body of the glass. Notice the long stem and curves on the glass.  As you take a sip, notice the rich, silky, smooth feel of the wine on the tongue.

When you bring consciousness to anything you put in your mouth… the experience of it is dramatically enhanced.  Wine is particularly seductive because of its richness and ability to tantalize the palette.  Pair your wine with a tray of gourmet cheeses and grapes, or a decadent chocolate and your senses will be delighted.

There are a number of ‘love Foods’ that bring out the aphrodisiac effect of wine:  

Chocolate is widely known as an aphrodisiac. When combined with the perfect wine, alchemical magic will happen.   It is one of my favorite pairings, although you do have to be careful when choosing the right chocolate to go with your favorite wine.  Chocolate goes best with reds (in my humble opinion) – but many wine connoisseurs will tell you that chocolate can mask the tannins in the wine that are needed for its flavor to properly unfold.  Therefore it is best to do some taste tests with your wine and chocolate when planning for romance.

Honey is known as the nectar of Aphrodite – the goddess of love (and where we get the term aphrodisiac.)  Mead wine is made with honey, but a few small drops of honey on the tongue with a lovely, sweet white wine can be utterly delectable in the bedroom.

Strawberries have been touted as an aphrodisiac fruit since the times of ancient Rome, and are a simple tool for seduction. They are succulent and sweet, and go fabulously if dipped in chocolate and served with port wine, red wine or champagne.

Basil is used as an aphrodisiac because it improves circulation, combats depression, and has an uplifting scent.  When combined with a light sparkling wine or champagne, it can add a little spice to your love life in minutes.

Chili Powder is used with chocolate as an aphrodisiac to help stimulate blood flow and raise the body temperature.  It also helps the lips plump up.  Try a chocolate bar with some red hot chili powder in it and pair it with red wine or champagne and your evening is sure to sizzle.

Figs have long been celebrated since the time of the ancient Greeks and were associated with libido and fertility.  They go beautifully with a white wine and cheese.

Studies published from the 1994 British scientific journal, Nature, have claimed that the intake of alcohol can increase the levels of libido in women. According to this research, alcohol raises the testosterone level of women, which coincidently entices those who lack sexual interest and desire.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, “small amounts can dramatically increase the libido. For women who lack sexual interest and desire, the treatment can be life-changing.”

It’s the antioxidants in red wine that help to widen the blood vessels, increasing blood flow to key parts of the body – According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Moderation is the key to this magic – more than two glasses and you are likely to feel drowsy and lousy.  Or sexual encounters get sloppy. 

With romance in mind, wine can and should be used as a sacred love making beverage.   On its own, the inherent properties of wine can work its libido enhancing magic. However, when you make it a sacred ritual, with conscious intention, the results are astounding.

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